Upland Organic Estate - Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

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The Wine Is Organic & Sulphur Free / Vegetarian Choice

AREA OF ORIGIN: Single vineyard estate wine, Wellington

VARIETY: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

HARVEST DATE: End February 2009

VINIFICATION: Alcohol fermentation in open cement tanks, pumped over and punched down 3x per day until 5 balling. Press, then fermentation and ML fermentation completed in stainless tanks. Into barrels for 2.5 years, with lees battonnage weekly during the last year. Into tank before bottling in 2012.


TASTING NOTES: This is a unique wine, most unusual due to the absence of sulphites and any animal products, a vegan wine that is un-fined. Decanting is recommended as the wine will develop a small sediment in the bottle with age. Reductive winemaking with careful oxygen management has ensured logevity, which is usually absent in sulphite free wines. The wine will develop beautifully over the next 5 years. It was made the way wines used to be made, before chemical and animal product additions became commonplace. It has an intense deep ruby colour. On the nose aromas of rich black fruits, mulberries and mint arise. As the wine breathes, complex flavours of chocolate and cassis become evident. The palate shows juicy fresh fruits, among them plums and bramble-berries. The fruits are enhanced by spicy overtones of cinnamon and mace, with rich vanillas rounding off the taste. The wine has a clear minerality reflectcing the unique terroir of Upland Organic Estate. A lingering aftertaste, with firm ripe tannins give a perfect dry finish to the wine. The wine is best enjoyed as an acommpaniment to a hearty meal.


Residual Sugar 1.5 g/l (+/- 0.5 g/l)

Alcohol: 13.5% by vol (+/- 0.2% vol)

Total Acid: 6.1 g/l (+/- 0.25 g/l)

pH: 3.87 (+/- 0.05)

Free SO2: 0 mg/l