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Business - Joint Venture Opportunity

We seek expansion to international locations. The products are superior and there are numerous opportunities for growth, both in the retail and wholesale segments. Great cross sell potential (ancillary hardware like glasses, openers, wine coolers, books etc.) and service options (tastings, food pairings, wine knowledge courses etc.). Furthermore, the business has good economies of scale because with higher quanities sold, supplies will get cheaper.

How does it work in practice?

Ownership: A company will be established in-country. Shareholders are 50% Hamer Private Ltd. and 50% You. Where regulations do not permit foreign ownership of 50%, lower ownership by Hamer Private Ltd. can be discussed. The established local company will have exclusivity for the country.

Capital & Profits: All capital expenditure and profits will be shared according to the shareholding ratio, ie if 50/50 all is divided in half.

Domestic Partner's Role: Establish the local company, organize air-con storage space, receive goods and organize import and tax clearance, organize distribution channels, deliver goods to end-users, ensure proper corporate compliance with local laws.

Hamer Private Ltd.'s Role: Ensure cost effective supplies and manage supplier relationships and shipping. Manage website, branding, online store to give it international consistency yet cater for domestic environment (some local language support will be required by local partner). Provide accounting support/details.

Please contact us if you are interested in a partnership: