Hermanuspietersfontein - No 7 Sauvignon Blanc

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Tasting Notes

ORIGIN: Sondagskloof

VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc

BOTTLING DATE: Late September 2015


TASTING NOTES: Characteristics: wine estate's terroir style with elegant aromas of green apple, fynbos and parley with soft pear and lanolin, buchu and with a whiff of ripe figs. Acidity: crisp. Body: rich. Length: long. Consistency: velvety. Structure: finesse. Finish: clean. Complexity: defined. Balance: harmonious. Overall impression: seamless.


Residual Sugar 2.2 g/l (+/- 0.5 g/l)

Alcohol: 13.53% by vol (+/- 0.2% vol)

Total Acid: 7.6 g/l (+/- 0.25 g/l)

pH: 3.12 (+/- 0.05)