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Select Wines Estate Partners: HERMANUSPIETERSFONTEIN

Select Wines Estate Partners: HERMANUSPIETERS-FONTEIN

Sheep tells a Real Story

Was it not for these woolly little creatures we would not have a story to tell; the story of Hermanuspietersfontein, however, is fact not fable.

Overberg farmers of the early 1800s preferred their children to be schooled in Dutch, forerunner of Afrikaans. They paid farm teacher Hermanus Pieters in sheep, which grazed at a spring under the Milkwood trees near the sea. In 1855, long after his passing, the village was founded in his honour, only for the postmaster in 1902 to shorten the name to Hermanus.

150 years later the past was relived by naming the cellar brand Hermanuspietersfontein. A sheep should tell the modern day tales. In memory of Hermanus Pieters and the passion of the people of the 1800s the estate committed its wine names and labels to be exclusively Afrikaans.